Monday, February 20, 2012


Are scents in A Happy Green Laundry Wash Bad?
Kristin and I LOVE having scent left behind in our diapers and clothes so when making our laundry wash we  looked into ways that we could have a fragrant laundry wash without the detrimental build up. We first started with the chemicals used to make the wash, each one of them cleans without building up (they are free of optical brighteners and soap, both have been proven to build up in your clothes, prevent absorption and hold onto stink). We then turned to the scent. A lot of cloth diapers say that their warranty is void if they are washed with a detergent containing perfumes so we needed to find fragrance oil not perfume oils (the difference is in the chemicals). We found an amazing scent company that makes all of their own scents as fragrances oils not perfumes.
Fragrance oils are broken down into three parts, the top note, middle and base note. Each “note”  is made up of different scents, and is mixed to last longer, the base notes are designed to last the longest, this is what you are smelling when you pull your clothes out of the dryer. The scents are designed to evaporate (the top notes faster than the bottom) and not build up in your clothing, this is why they are so strong when you first take them out of the washer and almost nonexistent by the end of the week. The company that we use employs some great chemist and perfumers. They work really hard to create scents that won’t evaporate too fast, but won’t stay long enough to negatively affect your clothing.


  1. Thanks for this information. I've recently begun reassessing my laundry ways. Did you know the average clothes washer uses 55 gallons of water???
    Thanks for providing a soap alternative. ~ Jennifer Train of Going Green Today (dot) com.

  2. Hi Jennifer, yes I did know that we use 55 gallons of water, it is horrible! There are also tons of chemicals that contribute to global warming and poison our waters plants and animals in every day laundry soap. We are trying to make a product at A Happy Green Life that is both good for people and the planet!