Happy Green Causes

If you haven’t noticed yet we here at A Happy Green Life like food, in fact we LOVE food. Chef Mike is a professional chef and the rest of us are professional eaters. When we heard the statistic that 1 in 5 kids, over 16 million children, don’t know how they are going to get food each day we were shocked. Between our two families we have four kids and tons of nieces and nephews; the idea that any of these innocent children could be hungry or that any of their friends might be, broke our hearts.
We know how tired and cranky our own kids get when they are hungry, heck we know how crazy and cranky we get when we are hungry, imagine feeling that way all the time. Imagine being too little to get food, or too embarrassed to tell people that you need something to eat.
Kids who are hungry are sick more often, recover slower and are more likely to be hospitalized. They get headaches, stomachaches, colds and ear infections. They cannot learn as much, as fast, or as well and they lack the nutrients that they need to concentrate and perform well at school.
There are more than 16 million children in our country suffering from these problems. These kids are the hope for the future, they will one day be our doctors, scientist, and teachers but they are not going to make it if they don’t get something to eat.
We here at A Happy Green Life have decided that we need to do something. We are partnering with SHARE OUR STRENGTH NO KID HUNGRY to end childhood hunger by 2015. We ask you to take the pledge with us to end childhood hunger http://nokidhungry.org/

In addition to everyone at A Happy Green Life taking the pledge, we will be donating a portion of the proceeds from every Doodle Bug Natural Laundry Wash purchased to the SHARE OUR STRENGTH NO KID HUNGRY program.

Just $1 can help a child connect to up to 10 healthy meals through the program. Hopefully we can get these kids not just 10 healthy meals but three healthy meals every day for the rest of their lives.