Friday, March 16, 2012

Dig For Victory!

At the start of WWII the Government realized that they would not have enough food to feed the people if the war lasted for more than a few months. Before the war Britain imported over 55 million tons of food a year - much of it from Canada and the USA. Once the war started, the ships once used for hauling food across the ocean were either needed for transporting troops and ammunition or were targeted by the enemy. In order to feed the people the British government launched 'The Dig for Victory' campaign.  People were urged to use gardens and every spare piece of land to grow vegetables. Even the Tower of London was used to grow veggies! In the United States we had the Victory Garden Campaign.
People joined together to fight their enemies, protect one another, and help provide for everyone. Today we need to dig again for victory. We need to join together to dig for the victory of our planet. Growing your own food reduces your environmental footprint, ensures that your family will be eating toxin free, and helps to teach our children that the planet is important- it provides for us and we must help protect it.

We want not only the big man with the plough but the little man with the spade to get busy this autumn. Let 'Dig for Victory' be the motto of everyone with a garden," said Rob Hudson, Minister for Agriculture, in October 1939.


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