Saturday, January 28, 2012

Its almost Valentines Day!

We are a pro Valentine’s Day family. We have heard everyone talk about how it is a consumer driven day created by the card companies to make some moolah but we don’t mind. At our house we take any excuse to decorate the house and spread some love around. That said there are a lot of cards (over a billion sent for this holiday alone), boxes of chocolate (the coco industry is one of the number one pesticide users), and other not so green things being purchased and then tossed. We think that this year we should all try to have a ecofriendly Valentine’s day.
Lets start with the cards. Send your loved ones e-cards or look for cards made from recycled paper. We are going to be making our valentines cards out of vintage ones we found in our grandmas storage (we are practicing recycling and reusing!).
When it comes to flowers look for organic locally grown ones. My hubby has made a habit of buying me seeds or potted plants so that I can keep them longer. If you do get a beautiful bouquet remember to add them to your compost when they are ready to be thrown out.
Chocolate. Oh how I love it! This holiday make sure you purchase fair trade chocolate. You will not only be enjoying the world’s most delicious ingredients but you will be helping developing nations establish economic viability and grow individuals out of poverty.
If you are lucky enough to be kid free and are planning on a romantic night of dining look for a restaurant that practices sustainability. There are tons of restaurants that purchase local meat and fish and practice farm to table with their vegetables. Your meal will be prepared ethically and environmentally and your food is going to taste awesome!
If you aren’t into the holiday, or you just don’t know what to do that will be green, try those three simple words. I LOVE YOU! Those three simple words don’t produce any waste and they are better than any gift you can buy.

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